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window renovations

Window and Door Replacements and Renovations

Windows and exterior doors are subject to the wear and tear that comes from constant use and exposure to the weather. Over time, weather-stripping, hardware and the door and frame materials can deteriorate or fail. Homeowners can either repair or replace window or door units. Repairs can be inexpensive, but may not give good long-term results. Replacement is generally costly, but will provide cost savings in energy use, make your house more comfortable, and add to the resale value.


Common Situations

There are a number of factors to consider before making the decision about whether your windows or doors need to be replaced or whether they can simply be repaired.

Some important areas that you will want to consider include:

  • Style and design — Your existing windows and doors may not fit the style of your house or give you the features that you want. There may not be enough glass area to provide adequate natural lighting to the living space.

  • Components and hardware — The components of windows and doors wear out over time. Failed seals on thermal pane window units, poorly operating windows or doors, damaged screens or hardware, and air leaks are common problems. Older door and window hardware may not offer much protection against forced entry.

  • Structural problems — There may be structural problems that are affecting the operation of doors and windows. Installation of larger units or units in new locations will probably also require structural changes.

  • Moisture — Windows and doors often deteriorate due to moisture problems, which will not necessarily go away if you install new units. In fact, moisture may even get worse, due to reduced air leakage.

  • Heating and ventilation — The glass area of windows and doors accounts for a high degree of heat loss at night or heat gain when the sun is shining. Energy efficient glazing can reduce heat loss. Heating system modifications or some type of shading may be needed to improve comfort near large window areas.

******Sunshine Glass and Mirror has knowledgeable staff to answer most of your tough renovation questions when considering the replacement of your windows and doors, so give us a call!

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