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Glass Options for Custom Shower Doors

Toss your dirty shower curtain and don't forget the rod. A new shower door will elevate the style of your bathroom and refresh your bathing and showering experiences. You'll be surprised at the difference it makes – the entire style of a bathroom can be changed with a new shower door. There is quite a choice of new modern shower doors on the market right now. At Sunshine Glass and Mirror, shower doors are available in bypass, neo-angle, pivot, and a host of frameless thick glass options to suit your need. Our custom lines of doors make the shower the focal point of the bathroom. Framed and frameless, beautiful finishes, and multiple glass options provide the perfect finish for the perfect room.

Some of them come with ornate frames – others have some really attractive glass patterns. You can even get frameless doors if you want a more streamlined look. Shower doors come in a range of sizes so you should be able to find one for your bathroom improvement job.

Different Door Styles

Decide whether you want a framed or a frameless shower door. A framed shower door shows the framing all around the edges of the glass. Frameless doors have no frame and leave the thicker 10mm or 12mm glass exposed with polished edges to speak for itself. Next, you should decide the most convenient way of getting in and out of your shower. A by-pass for instance is where two doors slide past one another. Hinged swinging doors are usually narrower, between 28 and 30 inches and offer more room for getting in and out of the shower, but be mindful of where and how they swing outward in relationship to the toilet and overall area. If these don't suit, then there are other options. You can get a custom-made shower door if that's what you want. These will include an array of different frame finishes and glass styles.

Options for Glass and Frame

There are plenty of different glass styles and frame finishes to choose from if you are buying a new shower door. Most showers have a variety of different glass patterns. They may have a frosted appearance or come with a unique patterned glass.

There are a variety of plated frame finishes. Chrome and satin or brushed nickel are popular choices. As home design continues to evolve, there will be more shower door options on offer. Popular trends in specialized doors include easy-to-clean glass and tracks.

Installing the Door

There are two ways to approach installing a new shower door – either do it yourself or if you have no interest in getting involved in the installation process, then hire Sunshine Glass and Mirror to install and complete the job. The first option, a do-it-yourself project, is generally more cost efficient – providing you know what you are doing. Some doors are easier to install than others and may come complete with installation instructions. Installation manuals are usually provided with do-it-yourself door kits. If there is no manual available, they can be found on the Internet, but check before you buy. Professional installations are sometimes less hassle and easier in the long run. Let Sunshine Glass and Mirror take the frustration out of the bathroom renovation.

When you are ready for a change in your bathroom, consider installing a shower door and call Sunshine Glass and Mirror to answer any of your concerns or questions.

Glass Shower Doors

Glass Shower Door with a Massive Glass Wall
Picture # 36

Single Left Hinged Door with Two In-line Panels
Picture # 41

Frameless Shower Door Neo Angled with Header
Picture # 101

180 In-Line U Channel Shower
Picture # 129

Single Glass Shower Door with 2 In-line Panels
Picture # 112

Frameless Shower Door with In-line Panels and 90 Degree
Picture # 121

Custom Glass Shower Door to Fit Irregular Opening
Picture # 98

Panel and Support Post
Picture # 130

Custom Glass Shower Enclosure
Picture # 57

Sliding Glass Shower Door
Picture # 39

Shower and Door
Picture # 131

Single Shower Guard
Picture # 132

Custom Glass Shower Enclosure
Picture # 33

Custom Glass Shower Enclosure
Picture # 88

Frameless Shower Door with In-line Panel
Picture # 63

180 In-Line
Picture # 133

Single Glass Shower Door
Picture # 69

Picture # 122

Picture # 123

Picture # 124

Picture # 125

Picture # 126

Picture # 127

Picture # 128

Glass Shower Door Templates – Please Make Your Door Selection. Choose "Print" To Fill Out Shower Dimensions.

Single Frameless Shower Door Left Side Hinged

Frameless Shower Door Side Hinges with In-line Panel to Ceiling

Frameless Shower Door Side Hinged with Notched In-line Panel to Ceiling

Frameless Shower Door Neo Angled with Header Head

Frameless Shower Door Neo Angled with Panels to the Ceiling

Frameless Shower Door with 90 Degree Notched In-line Panel and 90 Return

Frameless Shower Door between In-line Panels to Ceiling

Frameless Shower Door between In-line Panels with Header Rail

Frameless Shower Door with In-line Panel and Header Rail

Corner Enclosure Door with In-line Panel and 90 Degree Side Return Pan

Corner Enclosure Door with Notched In-line Panel and 90 Degree Side Return Panel

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